About This Blog

 I am searching for my life’s money beets. This is a place to document my dreams, musings, successes, failures and the adventures in between.

Things I do not possess: a five year plan, an ability to be completely succinct, professional skills in photography, cooking, baking, knitting, or decorating. My apologies for the above.

Things I do possess: the assurance that real hope can spring eternal, a desire to learn something knew every day, a love of things colorful, quirky, reclaimed, and rescued.

We’re all castaways in need of rope, hanging on by the last threads of our hope.

But there’s so much more to life than we’ve been told. It’s full of beauty that will unfold.

Go down to the River, let it run, let it wash away all the things you’ve done.

I’m free to love once and for all. Even when I fall I get back up through the Joy that overflows my cup.

Heaven fills me with more than enough; He broke down my levees and my bluffs.

So cheer up, my brothers! Live in the sunshine. We’ll understand this all, by and by.

Farther Along, authorship disputed, though I like the arrangement by Josh Garrels

Welcome to my corner of the internet. Have a question? Feel free to leave me a comment, or to email me at onederkatie at gmail dot com.


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