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beginning (a)new

13 Jun

It has been many years since I kept a blog. The last time I had a public one was almost a decade ago, on the now long-defunct freeopendiary.com. I used it to publish extremely self-pitying and overly emotional rants, as well as some very bad poetry. The best thing I can say about it is that no one I knew in real life ever read it.

My intention is use this space to catalog a variety of projects, from crafts I’ve done to new recipes I’ve tried. I’m also planning to write about things I love and have loved. Fair warning that some of those posts will include musings on the nature of the Conservative Christian (TM) culture in which I grew up.

I have decided not to set a post-a-day goal for myself; all too often in my pen and paper writing, I fall off the wagon because of unrealistic expectations about the amount of time I will be able to invest. Instead, I’m going to pour myself into this blog when I am excited to share something.

If you are reading this, welcome to my new corner of the internet! I hope you’ll get something out of what you read here, whether it’s a new dish to try for dinner, a new hat to knit for your neighbor, or a terrible new movie to enjoy while eating popcorn and cringing.