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an egg of a different color

14 Jun

I first came upon the idea of using silk neckties to color easter eggs on a crafting blog several years ago. When I Googled this time around, I found several tutorials with instructions. They all said essentially the same thing: you have to use 100% silk (whether it’s a necktie, handkerchief, or some other garment), and wrap the egg as tightly as possible because the transfer will only happen where the egg touches the silk fabric. Martha Stewart’s tutorial also says that you have to use an enamel or glass pot to boil the eggs. I used a metal pot (mostly because of a lack of reading comprehension) and my eggs turned out just fine.

I didn’t take many of pictures of this process, but some of the links above have beautiful step-by-step photos. Here’s what I have to share:

eggs waiting to be dyed

I used 100% silk neckties, cut into squares just large enough to wrap around the eggs. I wrapped the raw eggs as tightly as possible in the silk, and then wrapped them in pieces of scrap cotton. I boiled them for about 20 minutes in water with 3 tablespoons of white vinegar. Then I removed the pot from the heat, drained away the boiling water, and allowed the eggs to cool.

I unwrapped the cooled eggs and rubbed them with a tiny amount of olive oil, which put a slight sheen to the egg’s surface.

dyed, cooled, and rubbed with oil

And then I showed them off to anyone who would look. I think I’ll definitely be using this method in the future– it’s so easy and fun to do. Not to mention relatively inexpensive.

total cost of this project:

8 eggs: $1.45

pieces from 7 neckties: already owned, and all purchased at thrift stores. If I had to guess at what I originally paid for them, I’d say $.25-.50 each. Let’s go with the high estimate: $3.50

scrap cotton: from an ancient t-shirt (free)

total: $4.95